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Security measures are not new to McCorkle Truck Line.  The company has emphasized security for years. Its yard is fenced, gated, and has a night guard. As with security, David, LaVern, and their family continue to operate the company with a forward-thinking philosophy. “We believe that to be successful we have to remain asset based and keep ourselves strong, but we've also got to convince shippers of the problems we face today,” David says.

An Adtronics identification program has been implemented that provides drivers with ID cards and stores the information for administrative purposes. “More and more, our drivers are having to show IDs,” says Cindy. A visual verification system (VVS) is part of the identification program that can be used to e-mail driver photographs to shippers and customers. The driver identification card has a bar code that can be applied to gain entrance at a terminal gate or at a door entrance.